Sustainability, CSR Teaching Resources

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) are high-priority topics in the field of public interest accounting. However, there are relatively few textbooks — or other teaching resources, for that matter — that focus on these issues.

The following colleagues teach courses or course content in Sustainability and CSR. They suggest certain teaching resources (below), and they are available to discuss their experiences with others who teach this content.

Irene Herreman, University of Calgary

Irene teaches courses in UC’s interdisciplinary degree program in Sustainable Energy Development. Her pedagogical specialties are in accounting, tourism, and environmental management and design.

Irene recommends a teaching resource that resides on the UCalgary Blogs platform. It is entitled Sustainability Reports: Making Sense of Sustainability,* and it encompasses modules on: (1) Basics, (2) Sections, (3) Credibility, (4) Performance, and (5) Assurances. It also includes a Glossary of important terms.

* A duplicate copy of the teaching resource is available here.

Cynthia Jeffrey, Iowa State University

Cyndie is the Editor of the academic journal Research on Professional Responsibility and Ethics in Accounting. She teaches courses in Corporate Social Responsibility and Accounting in the Global Economy.

Cyndie recommends the sustainability teaching resources that reside within the EY Client Portal. Faculty can register for the Portal at no charge, and can peruse the course modules and other educational resources for inclusion in their syllabi.

Michael Kraten, Providence College

Michael focuses extensively on sustainability issues in his MBA Accounting capstone course. He also teaches a Business Colloquium on Sustainability in PC’s College of Arts and Sciences. Furthermore, he serves as the curator of the intellectual content of the Rhode Island Society of CPAs’ professional certification program in sustainable value.

Michael recommends two sources of teaching resources. His Save The Blue Frog teaching instrument is an integrated accounting case involving valuation, sustainability, controls and risk, and ethics. And the RISCPA’s Sustainable Value web site provides a Documents link to content that summarizes the program’s purpose, objectives, materials, and activities.

Richard White, Florida Southern College

Richard is an adjunct professor and a financial consultant who teaches principles of sustainable and socially responsible investing  at several colleges and financial associations. He is also enrolled in the doctoral program at Florida Southern College.

Richard maintains a blog entitled Sustainable and Responsible Investing. It provides links to a wide variety of resources in the field.