Important Clarification

Hello, AAA Public Interest Section Blog subscribers! Here is an important clarification message for you.

If you visit our blog’s home page at and read the essay that was posted yesterday, you’ll notice author and contributor Steve Mintz’s photo, professional title, and contact information at the bottom of the page. My name, Michael Kraten, does not appear on the essay at all.

Is that a problem? Well, no … it isn’t. It’s perfectly correct.

So why is that noteworthy? Well, if you look closely at the corresponding email message that WordPress sent to your inbox yesterday, there’s a line near the top of the message that simply states “By Michael Kraten” instead of “Posted By Michael Kraten.” Steve’s authorship is correctly noted at the bottom of the email message, but for some reason, WordPress only includes the name of the Publisher at the top of such messages.

So, for the sake of transparency, let’s clarify the authorship of the essay. Steve is the author who wrote the piece, and I am the blog publisher who posted (i.e. uploaded) the piece. Although my name doesn’t appear anywhere on the blog’s home page, I’ll add a post-hoc clarification statement to Steve’s essay on that page as well.

My apologies for the need to send you this follow-up message. Having budgeted a grand total of $35.88 annually on blog expenditures, I regret that we need to live with WordPress’ limited default options. Nevertheless, we’ll continue to transmit clarifications whenever appropriate.

Mike Kraten